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Exploring the World’s Bounty of Exotic and Obscure Fruits

You may vaguely recall Jessica Chastain’s 2016 appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, in which she wasn’t the star of the show. Instead, that honor goes to the large durian fruit she brought with her, which Jimmy described as being “on the line between horrible and delicious.” Jessica was neither the first nor the last toRead More

Using Trendy and Unusual Greens at Home

Many of the unusual greens that have been coming into fashion have more distinctive flavors than their traditional counterparts (of course, that’s not hard when you’re competing with iceberg or romaine lettuce!). This can make them tricky to use until you’re more intimately familiar with their flavor profiles. Of course, tricky doesn’t mean impossible, andRead More

An Introduction to the Trend of Unusual Greens

Over the past couple years, there’s been an increasing tendency in the culinary world to look outside the box and incorporate unusual ingredients. Long gone are the days when a semi-serious foodie could understand every word on a menu; there are so many obscure or exotic ingredients popping up that it’s often only with theRead More